Top Three Instagram Bio Hacks Every Brand Should Know

A brand’s Instagram bio is one of the first things users gravitate to upon visiting their profile. That’s why it’s imperative to make it as clean, informative, and appealing as possible to make users stay a while longer on your page. Here are three bio hacks every brand should implement!

1. Line Breaks

Your bio should be clean and easy for users to read. Adding line breaks allows brand information to be separated for a seamless reading experience. Creating line breaks in the Instagram app will mess up the bio formatting. An easier approach would be to type out the bio (including line breaks) in the Notes app on your mobile device. Then, simply copy and paste the text into your Instagram bio! Apps such as IG LineBreak Caption Generator create the same effect for a desktop alternative.

2. Include keywords and optimize for search results

Incorporating industry-related keywords in your bio will increase brand awareness by helping your profile appear more on the Explore page and in search results. Start by including keywords in the profile name related to your brand’s industry, products, services, or specializations. Then, include related industry keywords that your target market would likely search in your bio. For instance, this account specializes in food blogging and uses related and searchable keywords, including location, like “Happy Hour” and “Miami Food & Fashion Blogger.”

3. Use relevant hashtags

To generate even more brand awareness and searchability, utilize relevant hashtags in your bio. This can include branded hashtags, geo-location, and content-related hashtags. For example, this account uses content-related and geo-location hashtags relevant to her brand as a food blogger.

Use these hacks in your Instagram brand strategy to build awareness and boost engagement. What other Instagram marketing hacks have you discovered?

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