Top 3 Social Media Updates You Need to Know Now!

Social Media is constantly evolving. Here are the top 3 social media updates from March/April that you need to know!

1) Twitter: Users can now search for Emojis in tweets and usernames.

This feature was silently released by Twitter and it can be used on both the mobile and desktop platforms.

2) Facebook Reactions are now more important than likes.

Facebook has modified its algorithm so that the more reactions you receive on a post, the more visible they will become in users Newsfeed.

3) LinkedIn now allows you to customize your profile picture.

Similar to Instagram you can now crop and edit your profile pictures. In addition, you can either manually adjust the color settings or apply one of six filters: Spotlight, Prime, Studio, Classic, Edge, and Guru.

What other changes do you think these sites will release in the coming months?

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