Goodbye Algorithim.. hello VERO!

Goodbye Algorithim.. hello VERO!

The twenty-first century is crammed with a cornucopia of social media apps, all that accomplish distinctive tasks; with platforms from Instagram to Snapchat, keeping up with the latest is demanding. Facebook zero and the new algorithms are making it a nightmare for influencers and content curators wanting to be seen in a cluttered space. It is no wonder an app like VERO just may take off and say GOODBYE ALGORITHIM!

So.. What is Vero?

It as simple as this: Vero just may be the future of social media. The main concept – be the world’s first “true social” app. Vero allows users to post any and everything: photos, videos, music, even thoughts and links!

Who is on Vero?

If you want to share your lifestyle in one diverse app, Vero is for you. However, not just anyone can see your content; with Vero, users are given the ability to categorize people as friends, close friends, acquaintances, and followers (remind you of facebook yet?). Before posting, choose which groups to share your content with. As explained by the app’s manifesto, “When you can control who sees what, you can behave in a way that is more natural”.

Could Vero be the Next Big Thing?

Think about all of the apps you open and close every single day to stay up with the latest. Now, imagine all of those platforms combined into one. Vero is crucial to swiftly sharing your life, while staying connected to those who interest you. Plus, it’s free! With Vero’s “free for life” policy, you will never have to worry about breaking the bank in order to be part of the “true social” experience. and it’s well known Millennials love their free stuff, so our guess this will be the new coffee shop in town.

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